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Zeiss Cirrus HD- OCT 4000 Quad Core-Windows 7

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Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 4000

The Zeiss Cirrus OCT 4000 has been the standard of care in many practices. The Cirrus 4000 has been in the forefront of OCT imaging. Replacing the standard time domain OCT the new Forier Domain OCT allows faster imaging while giving better quality images to help the practitioner assess the pathology of the patients.

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Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 Quad Core-Windows 7

The ZEISS Cirrus HD-OCT 4000 enable examination of the posterior and anterior of the eye at an extremely fine spatial scale, without surgical biopsy or even any contact with the eye. The Cirrus HD-OCT builds on and refines the retinal imaging technology first introduced with the ZEISS Stratus OCT‚ĄĘ. HD-OCT stands for ‚Äúhigh-definition optical coherence tomography.‚ÄĚ

Employing the advanced imaging technology of spectral domain optical coherence tomography, Cirrus HD-OCT acquires OCT data about 70 times faster (27,000 vs. 400 A-scans per second) and with better resolution (5 őľm vs. ~10 őľm axial resolution in tissue), compared to first-generation OCT technology. Cirrus acquires whole cubes of OCT image data, composed of hundreds of line scans, in about the same time as Stratus acquires a six-line scan. You can view these data cubes in three planes, or through three dimensions, giving you access to an extensive amount of retinal image data in one scan.

The Cirrus HD-OCT with Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL), Macular, Optic Nerve Head, and Ganglion Cell Normative Databases is indicated for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures.
The Cirrus HD-OCT is a non-contact, high resolution tomographic and biomicroscopic imaging device. It is indicated for in-vivo viewing, axial cross-sectional, and three-dimensional imaging and measurement of anterior and posterior ocular structures, including cornea, retina, retinal nerve fiber layer, ganglion cell plus inner plexiform layer, macula, and optic nerve head. The Cirrus normative databases are quantitative tools for the comparison of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness, macular thickness, ganglion cell plus inner plexiform layer thickness, and optic nerve head measurements to a database of normal subjects. The Cirrus HD-OCT is intended for use as a diagnostic device to aid in the detection and management of ocular diseases including, but not limited to, macular holes, cystoid macular edema, diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.


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