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Topcon SP-1P Ophthalmology Specular Microscope

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TOPCON SP-1P Microscope combines a modern and compact design with a wide display that can be rotated in any direction.

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  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

TOPCON SP-1P Microscope combines a modern and compact design with cutting-edge engineering for ease of use and maximum efficiency. TOPCON SP-1P is equipped with a wide display, which can be rotated in any direction. The touch panel allows you to refuse to control the handle. The screen rotates at all angles, allowing it to interact comfortably with the subject.

By touching the center point of the patient’s pupil on display, you begin automated processes of centering, focusing, and capturing the cell. It will take a few seconds to complete the operation of the device, and the process of learning how to use it will take a minimum of time. The ability to free up a large amount of space and ease of device use makes the SP-1P model indispensable for an ophthalmologist.

The whole operation takes a few seconds. It is carried out quickly, without delay, and requires minimal user training. Small size combined with ease of use makes the SP-1P a new generation instrument in the field of ophthalmology.

Key Features

  • WIDE ANGLE “PANORAMA” PHOTOGRAPHY MODE – Substantial size increase of the analyzed area
  • TWO SPECIFIC PHOTOGRAPHY MODES – Sequence Course & Free Style Course
  • QUICK AUTOMATIC MEASUREMENT – Intuitive operation with instant acquisition of the analysis result
  • EASY-TO-READ AND COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS – Frequently referred values are shown on top; pleomorphic / polymegethic histogram can be shown with color
  • COMPACT AND STYLISH DESIGN – 10.4” rotatable touch panel monitor
Light Source
For observation : Near infrared Light
For photography : Max. 60W sec. Xenon Flash;
Low & High adjustments
Photographic Area 0.2 × 0.5mm
Working Distance 25mm
Fixation Targets
Internal ¡ Central
¡ Peripheral : 12, 2, 6 & 10 o’clock positions
Screen 5″ monochrome
Cell Counting Grid 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 2500 / 3000 cell/mm
Image Memory 3 images for each eye (Total 6 Images)
Automatic Shut-off Standard
Power Voltage AC100, 120, 220, 240V 50 / 60 Hz
Power Consumption 110VA
Base Travel 40mm (back & forth), 88mm (right& left)
Head Travel 10mm (back & forth), 10mm (right& left)
30 mm (motorized vertical movement)
Chinrest Vertical Travel 60mm
Dimensions 274(W) × 485(D) × 410(H)mm
Weight 20kg

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