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Shining 3D Freescan X5 Laser Scanners

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Shining 3D Freescan X5 Laser Scanners is a handheld, professional 3D laser scanner. it is a reworked version of the FreeScan X3 offering higher performance, speed and precision. It uses a high-speed, triangulation technology based on a 10-line, eye-safe laser array (Class II). The scanner arrives ready to operate. You’ll only need to plug the cable and start scanning. It is light and portable, being really convenient to use without the need for tripods or fixtures.

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

Shining 3D Freescan X5 Laser Scanners


SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner

FreeScan X5 from SHINING 3D is a portable laser scanner with a 300 x 250 mm scanning field. It is characterized by high accuracy and stability. The FreeScan series are metrological scanners, their accuracy is determined on the basis of the restrictive German standard VDI / VDE 2634 and is confirmed by certified measuring laboratories.

SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner

belongs to the SHINING3D series of industrial 3D laser scanners. SHINING3D 3D scanner is small in size and weighs only 0.95 kg. This makes it possible to use it to scan various objects. Laser technology allows you to scan objects with a metallic, reflective surface.

SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner uses laser technology for scanning, which makes it characterized by high accuracy and quality of mapping real objects to the form of digital 3D models. They have no restrictions related to the color or texture of the scanned object as it is the case with scanners working in structured light technology.

Unlimited 3D scanning

SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner has the ability to adapt the scan settings to the room in which the scanning process takes place. You can scan in an internal, external and other complex environment.

Mobility and ease of use

FreeScan X5 is a hand-held scanner weighing just 0.95 kg. It has a flexible and convenient scanning mode. It guarantees high accuracy and stability. It allows you to maximize your scanning performance, which allows you to achieve excellent results.

The use of SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner laser technology ensures perfect results when scanning indoors and outdoors. Laser technology also makes it possible to scan hard-to-reach places – including holes, which are often inaccessible to structured light scanners.

High compatibility

SHINING3D FreeScan X5 3D scanner is compatible with 3D DigiMetric SHINING photogrammetric systems that are used to measure large details. Photogrammetry is a measurement method in which the 3D coordinates of reference points are obtained by processing photos from a digital camera. The DigiMetric system is used to calculate the 3D coordinate values ​​of markers stuck to the surface of an object, which are then applied to a fixed coordinate system, which is then used to precisely combine large-size scans. The use of the DigiMetric system increases the precision of scanning large objects and significantly speeds up the entire digitization process.


Model FreeScan X5
Weight 0.8 (kg)
Size 135 x 80 x 300 (mm)
Light source 10 line laser array, Class II (eye safe)
Scan rate 350000(scans /s)
Scanning area 250 x 250 (mm)
 Resolution 0.100 (mm)
 Measurement accuracy Maximum 0.03 (mm)
 Volume precision 0.020 + 0.100 (mm / m)
Volume precision
(combined with DigiMetric)
0.020 + 0.025 (mm / m)
 Working distance 300 (mm)
Scan depth 250 (mm)
 Measurement range 0.1 – 6 (m), extendable
(object size)
Data compatibility software 3D SystemGeomagicSolutions, InnovMetric SoftwarePolyWorks), DassaultSystemes
CATIA V5& SolidWorks, PTCPro/ENGINEER), SiemensNX撌Solid Edge
AutodeskInventor, Alias, 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage
Transmission mode USB3.0
Working temperature -10 – 40 ℃
Working humidity 10 – 90 %

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