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Pollogen Geneo+ Laser

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Pollogen Geneo+ Laser Treatment is a non-invasive solution, based on radio-frequency energy (RF Face Lift), that quickly, effectively and painlessly regenerate the production of collagen and restore elasticity and plumpness to the skin.


This Equipment is Fully Functional, Ready for Use, and Shipping costs to be assessed according to the zone.

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block
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Product details

Pollogen Geneo+ Laser

GeneO+ offers its users the opportunity of effective treatments through encouraging the natural processes of skin rejuvenation. The power of Oxygeneo , complemented by Ultrasound, offer aestheticians the valuable advantages of immediately visible skin improvement and long-term rejuvenating effects for their customers. Geneo treatments can be offered to a wide variety of skin types, ages and needs, making it a perfect solution for ongoing maintenance of the skin.



Wavelength: 1540 nm

Pulse Width: 10 ms and 15 ms

Spot Sizes: 10 mm, 12√ó12 mm, 15 mm

Energy 10 mm: 14-70 mJ/microbeam

Energy 12 x 12 mm: 20-70 mJ/microbeam

Energy 15 mm: 3-15 mJ/microbeam

Weight: 4.4 kg

Dimensions: 38 x 38.2 x 28.2cm (H x W x L)

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