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  1. Medtronic IPC Console; Version 2.7.4
  2. Medtronic IPC Foot Pedal EF200
  3. Medtronic Midas Rex MR8 High Speed Electric Touch Drill; Manufacture Part Number: EM810
  4. Medtronic Midas Rex MR8 Electric Control Finger Switch; Manufacture Part Number: EA815
  5. Medtronic MR8-AS09 9cm Straight Large Bore Attachment
  6. Medtronic MR8-AT10 Telescoping Base Attachment
  7. Medtronic MR8-TT14CMIS 14cm Curved Minimally Invasive Telescoping Tube
  8. Medtronic MR8-TT12AMIS 12cm Angled Minimally Invasive Telescoping Tube
  9. Medtronic MR8-AF02 Adult Craniotomy Footed Attachment
  10. Medtronic MR8-AF01 Pediatric Craniotomy Footed Attachment
  11. Medtronic MR8-AVS10 10cm Straight Variable Small Bore Attachment
  12. Medtronic MR8-AA10 10cm Angled Small Bore Attachment
  13. Medtronic MR8-AVS14 14cm Straight Large Bore Variable Exposure Attachment
  14. Medtronic MR8-AA14 14cm Angled Large Bore Attachment
  15. Medtronic MR8-AD03 1000RPM Perforator Driver
  16. Medtronic CA800 Sterilization Case
  17. Power Cord
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  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

The Midas Rex MR8 high-speed drill system offers power and performance for spine, cranial, ENT, orthopedic, and other surgical procedures
Advancing Surgical Possibilities
The Midas Rex MR8 high-speed drill system has a lower operating temperature, less chatter, improved visibility of the surgical site, and even better cutting performance. Navigable with StealthStation S8, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies in our portfolio. With our comprehensive support, education, training, and service, you have a partner that’s there for you from start to finish

Product FeaturesPrecision You can Feel

Our latest drill technology delivers smooth, precise bone cutting performance with a lightweight, compact handpiece design so you can be confident during your procedures.

The MR8 drill system now features:

  • Streamlined attachment profiles for improved visibility
  • Adjustable tool exposure lengths
  • Handpiece engineered to reduce vibration

Versatility You Can See

Our wide range of attachments have been redesigned to provide a more streamlined profile with flexible options you can tailor so that you have improved visualization and increased accessibility of the surgical site.

Updates include:

  • Lighter ergonomic design
  • Enhanced motor technology for longer drilling

Expanded Applications:-
Cranial Applications:-Reliable, durable, and engineered for longevity. The Midas Rex MR8 platform now integrates navigated high-speed drilling with StealthStation S8 for cranial applications so you have real-time navigated drilling with a streamlined workflow.

Spinal Applications:-Accommodate a variety of spine procedures. Our expanded offering of navigable tools means you have the cutting options you need so you can accomplish your surgical goals with the least amount of disruption to the procedure and patient.

Midas Rex MR8 ClearView:-
The expanded ClearView offerings broaden our portfolio of tools for Midas Rex MR8 platform so you have more options for bone and biomaterials removal for lateral skull-base and posterior cervical applications

Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power Type Electric
Brand Medtronic
Model Midas Rex MR8

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