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Medit Identica Blue 3D Dental Scanner

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The Identica Blue structured light scanner has an open platform, bringing maximum user convenience without influence from surrounding lighting conditions and provides for the use of articulators previously impossible with totally closed scanners. The Blue light scanning structured light is able to scan gypsum models, implants, and impressions all at a speed unrivaled by other scanners in the industry while providing greater accuracy and precision.

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Medit Identica Blue 3D Dental Scanner

The new Identica Blue employs Blue LED technology to deliver superior data quality with improved measurement across the entire object. Moreover, users have more freedom to choose where to work, without being influenced by the surrounding lighting conditions.

Operating from a fully open platform, the Identica Blue offers the maximum in convenience for 3D solutions for all dental applications that conventional closed platform scanners cannot.

The Identica Blue scanner from Medit is the market leader for digital Dentistry. The Identica Blue is equipped with advanced Blue Light Technology which provides faster scanning and higher quality data than ever before. Identica Blue is capable of scanning a full arch model automatically in only 35 seconds. Reliable scan results of <10 microns are guaranteed every time you scan. The 21mm increase in operating space makes the Identica Blue perfect for larger models and articulators.

Newly developed Medit scanning algorithms, IMV (Intelligent Multi View) enables scanning quicker and more accurately into narrow and deep areas, which has proved difficult or impossible for conventional dental scanners.

The Identica Blue provides an industry standard, 100% open STL file for importing into any existing CAD software.


Open STL Medit Identica Blue 3D Dental Scanner

Medit supports an open STL file format. We know that buying into a closed system leaves you with limited choices and can be very restricting in determining how your practice

Blue light technology
The new Identica Blue Scanner employs advanced Blue Light Technology that delivers superior data quality with improved scanning algorithms.

IMV (Intelligent Multi-View) scanning
Many scanners utilize two cameras, but are still unable to capture data within the narrow ranges because of the complex curvature of teeth. However, with Medit’s new IMV technology, one camera is able to create a virtual projector through a precise calibration process in which we measure the time variants from the light projector. With our IMV technology we are able to capture more details and more accuracy.

Texture Superimposition
Our ‘Texture Superimposition’ feature will not only speed up the modeling process, but helps you create designs and find margin lines the way you intended.

Large scanning chamber
Identica Blue’s scanning chamber is large enough to work with various articulators and large models. We give you the freedom to choose which equipment you want to work with.

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