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J Morita Soaric Dental Treatment Unit For Sale

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With Soaric the dentist can keep his eye on everything and the aesthetics of the practice are modernised. Like this, working is fun.

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J Morita Soaric Dental Treatment Unit (With chair)

Not only is more and more expected of dentists, but they themselves also place greater demands on their practice equipment. Morita now meets these requirements with Soaric dental treatment unit: It features a wide range of system components and its minimised, harmonious design helps create an atmosphere of trust in the dental practice. At the same time, it combines many functions which help ease the clinician’s working day and promote efficient treatment workflow.

During development of Soaric, Morita cooperated with the f/p design agency to incorporate many patented details as well as modern ergonomic styling into this new treatment unit. The most impressive are the multifunctional clinicians’ unit with clear-view operating panel for controlling all functions, such as adjusting the chair and instruments, programming the foot control and including automated cleaning and maintenance cycles. The dentist can simply read off, change and store all instrument settings via the integral interactive LC touch display. To improve the view even more, all this information can also be displayed – magnified up to four times – on the 19 inch LCD monitor on the unit. Operators converting from other dental treatment units can programme the buttons on the foot control so that the six freely programmable switches retain their previous settings.

J Morita Soaric Dental Treatment Unit (With chair)

One characteristic of this new treatment unit is that it is modular so that Soaric can be equipped with a microscope adapter and Carl Zeiss or Leica microscopes. The standard version of Soaric includes a free-standing chair with floor-mounted water unit and integral lamp arm. This new delivery system can be highly tailored to individual needs and all versions are compact as well as clearly designed for adjusting to all patients’ needs. The chair is available as a reclined version or with foldaway foot section which, together with a swivelling armrest, allows physically-challenged patients very easy access. Moreover, the treatment chair can be moved to especially high or very low working positions whereby the oil hydraulics move the unit so smoothly that the patient does not feel it starting or stopping. The working area for the dentist, i.e. the clinician’s unit can either be secured to the floor or swivel-mounted on the unit over the patient tray – in addition, various sizes of trays are available for operators and assistants. Further optional extras depend on the dentist’s preferences and which field the dental practice is specialised in. Personal settings can be stored to enable several dentists to use the same treatment unit.

A modern dental unit also has to be efficient. Soaric achieves this as the practice owner keeps personnel costs for cleaning and maintenance to a minimum with this new unit. During development, particular attention was paid to ensuring that the treatment unit can be kept hygienic from the outside and serviced precisely and easily from the inside. The vacuum tank with automatic cleaning function at the press of a button also eases everyday working routines. The instrument holders for the dentist and assistant are sterilisable, the ceramic cuspidor is easily and quickly detached and can be thermodisinfected. Sanitation and flushing are also carried out at the press of a button and the automatic processes provide for straightforward and efficient hygiene. The integral anti-suck-back system and the delayed suction stop (prevents contaminated liquid remaining in the tubing) are but two of the intelligent solutions for efficient working.

In addition, Soaric can be equipped with the new compactUltramini TwinPowerTurbine and the new Torx SS/SSRMicromotorwith ideal torque values. This new treatment unitisrounded off with PenCure 2000 cordless, especially high-performance LED curing light, which is expandable for single tooth bleaching, as well as an enhanced multifunction syringe for water, air, spray, light and media temperature, but also the new SC-3000 LED ultrasonic scaler with straight forward controls and multiple optional settings.

With Soaric the dentist can keep his eye on everything and the aesthetics of the practice are modernised. Like this, working is fun.

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