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ALMA Accent Prime 2019

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ALMA Accent Prime 2019 is laser’s most advanced workstation for skin tightening, body/face contouring, cellulite. resurfacing. ultrasound & radio frequency (RF).

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

ALMA Accent Prime 2019 The platform combines the latest innovations in ultrasound (US) and radio frequency (RF) technologies to deliver effective, highly customized treatments with natural, long-lasting results.
The US energy is distributed homogeneously throughout the treatment area, effectively disrupting stubborn fat cells.
RF power is then used to produce thermal deep heating to the tissue, resulting in more concentrated energy treatment. This unique combination reduces treatment time and number of sessions while yielding more powerful results.
Focused Depth Control
Patented Alma Uni polar technology allows for focused, safe, and deep heating of tissue at various depths within the skin. With variable depth control, practitioners have the flexibility and precision to treat the target area for optimal results.

ALMA Accent Prime 2019 Target Fat Cells :
Cold Shear Wave & Hot Ultrasound
Alma Lasers Accent Prime features a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse Ultrasound wave technology. This wave is called Shear wave which allows to selectively target fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The shear wave vibrations disrupt fat cell membranes, leading to gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. Damaged fat cells are then disposed of the body through the lymphatic system.
Micro plasma
Using unique micro plasma technology, the Accent Prime Pixel RF module provides skin resurfacing treatment by both ablating and heating the skin. Through controlled perforation and focused energy delivery, Pixel RF treats the affected area while leaving surrounding healthy tissue intact. This allows the skin to heal faster as the epidermis is regenerated, yielding improved results with minimal risk and reduced downtime.
Arms (bingo wings) & back
As we age, the skin on our shoulders and backs may lose its firmness, leading to excess visible fat and an undesirable overall look. Accent Prime™ is highly effective in arms & back areas, utilizing ultrasonic radio waves to destroy the excess fat quickly and effectively, giving you toned arms and a smooth back.
Stomach (abdomen & love handles)
The stomach is probably the most sensitive area in a woman’s body. Accent Prime works amazingly, as it gets rid of excess belly fat and produces firm, flexible skin. Your flat stomach and slender waist are now only 20 minutes away.
Legs (thighs & buttocks)
Who doesn’t want smooth, slim legs, and firm buttocks? Accent Prime is a great solution for dealing with fatty tissue and willowy skin on the inside of the thighs and the knees. Combining ultrasound and radio wave technologies, it acts quickly and effectively even in these highly challenging areas, stimulating collagen fibers to achieve a slim and lifted effect.
ALMA Accent Prime 2019 Ultra Speed :
Combines a new type of ultrasound technology that emits guided ultrasonic waves with an extra-large applicator plate for high-speed body contouring.
ALMA Accent Prime 2019 Uni Body :
Combines high energy Uni Polar RF technology with a mechanical applicator to deliver deep thermal heating while increasing metabolism within subcutaneous tissue, improving
the appearance of cellulite.
ALMA Accent Prime 2019 Accentuate :
Delivers RF energy within the skin through 2 temperature adjustable applicators. Uniquely designed for body contouring & skin tightening of large treatment areas.
Mini Speed :
Advanced Ultrasound for small areas fat reduction.
The Mini Speed distributing US energy homogeneously throughout the treatment area to effectively reduce fat cell volume in stubborn areas.
Uni Face:
a Uni polar RF hand piece designed especially for the treatment of the face.
Speed Sculpt :
A scaled-down version of the Mini Speed applicator, enabling an effective and safe treatments for super-small areas.
Ultra Face :
This applicator uses cold ultrasound (shear waves) with pressure waves aimed at deep skin layers of the face and is highly useful in face contouring procedures.
Coaxi Polar:
Creates local, superficial dermal heating in delicate areas with real-time monitoring of skin temperature.
Uni Large :
Uses Uni polar RF energy to speed up the metabolism of adipose tissue, visibly smoothing the skin.
Tune Peri orbital :
Tightens lax skin around the eyes.
Tune Large :
Vacuum-assisted fractional RF for skin tightening of the body.
Tune Face :
Vacuum-assisted fractional RF for skin tightening of the face.
Uni Body :
Combines high energy Uni Polar RF technology with a mechanical applicator to deliver deep thermal heating while increasing metabolism within the subcutaneous tissue. This hand-piece is essential in the Cellulitis treatment procedure.
Uni Large:
Uses Uni polar RF energy to speed up the metabolism of adipose tissue, visibly smoothing the skin.
Micro plasma:
Pixel RF that both ablates and heats the skin with micro plasma technology.
Micro plasma Impact:
Combines micro plasma with IMPACT ultrasound technology for deep penetration of topical agents.
The Colibri applicator embodies the highest peak power solution on the market for non-surgical eyelid lift, peri orbital & peri oral fine lines & wrinkles, and Xan thelasma. Targeting hard-to-reach and hard-to-treat anatomical areas such as peri orbital and peri oral, this solution can focus on saggy and lax excess skin, which in other cases may need surgical intervention and prolonged downtime.
Wavelength : Ultrasound & Radio Frequency
Hand pieces Available : Colibri, Micro plasma Impact, Micro plasma Pixel, Uni Large, Uni Body, Tune Face, Tune Large, Tune, Peri orbital, Uni Large, Coaxi Polar, Ultra Face, Speed Sculpt, Mini Face, Uni Face, Accentuate, Uni Body, Ultra Speed.
ALMA Accent Prime 2019 with Mini Speed, Micro plasma Pixel, Ultra Speed, Uni body, and Uni large Hand pieces. Alma lasers Accent Prime Handpieces Included: Mini Speed Hand piece (Small Areas Fat Reduction), Micro plasma Pixel (Ablative Skin Resurfacing), Ultra Speed Hand piece (High-Speed Body Contouring), Uni Body Hand piece (Improves Appearance of Cellulite), & Uni Large Hand piece (Speeds up Metabolism of Adipose Tissue & Smoothing the Skin); Also Included: Hand piece Cases, Hand piece Holders, Foot Pedal, Power Cord, Keys, Operator Manual and 180 Day Warranty.

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