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AIRFLOW Master Piezon

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AIR-FLOW Master Piezon lets you deliver most of AIR-FLOW and PERIO-FLOW therapies from one side of the device, while the other side provides Piezon technology with a stand-alone irrigant bottle and LED handpiece.

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  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block
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Product details

AIRFLOW Master Piezon – All in One Dental Scaling Device

AIRFLOW Master Piezon is able to provide a minimally invasive treatment for calculus & mineralized deposits.

The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon includes three technologies in one device: AIR-FLOW (for heavy stain removal and supragingival biofilm removal), PERIO-FLOW (such as subgingival biofilm removal) and Piezon (for ultrasonic scaling). It is not hard to switch between AIR-FLOW and PERIO-FLOW handpieces and powder chambers to provide a biofilm, stain and plaque removal therapy. An LED handpiece is featured by the Piezon technology for better vision enclosing the treatment site, and the feedback control perceptions when there is a higher power needed to remove deposits and adjusts appropriately — 200x each second! 3 different technologies in one unit’s ease get periodontal disease control apparatus and the AIR-FLOW Master Piezon the prophylaxis therapy. Design Features Smooth touch panel surface for easy cleaning and disinfection. The sleek user interface provides simple adjustment of water and power delivery. Ergonomic handpieces for working precision and comfort for the clinician.

The Original AIR-FLOW and Piezon Procedures now combine to provide complete and effective prophylaxis therapy in addition to utmost patient comfort. The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon features subgingival air-polishing and NO PAIN scaling, supragingival in deep pockets, as well as in shallow.

The Original AIR-FLOW® Method provides air polishing that is effective for patient and practitioner alike: dependable, fast and effective for the clinic, stress-free, quiet and comfortable for your patient.

Linear oscillating action aligned with the tooth surface: this is what the Original Piezon® method is all about in regards to extra-smooth tooth surfaces. Combined with NO PAIN technology that is smart, the procedure offers protection for those gums and comfort for your individual.

Features & Benefits
Combines the great features of the Piezon® Master 700 using AIR-FLOW Remedy for innovative supra and subgingival biofilm management in just 5 seconds each tooth
Smooth touch lens coating for easy cleanup and disinfection
Easy cleaning, cleaning and disposing of the powder chambers
The glistening user interface offers easy adjustment of electricity and water delivery
Ergonomic handpieces for working precision and comfort for the clinician
Intelligent feedback control technology senses when greater power is Required to remove deposit and adjusts accordingly.

1 x Base Unit
1 x Piezon handpiece with a light
1 x Air-Flow handpiece
1 x Perio-Flow handpiece
2 x Handpiece cords
2 x Magnetic Handpiece Holders
1 x Water Bottle 350ml
1 x Air-Flow Powder Chamber
1 x Air-Flow Perio Powder Chamber
1 x Box of 40 Perio-Flow slim nozzles
1 x “4-steps” foot pedal
1 x Air-Flow Classic powder bottle

AIRFLOW Master Piezon – TIPS
Recommended Position and Movement
Utilize a top speed suction cannula. Do not use the vertical to the tooth surface. Maintain 3-5 mm distance. Make movement.

No More Shade = No Longer Biofilm
Cease Airflow when the color of the disclosing agent has disappeared. Minimize exposure time on dentine.

Is Bleeding Normal?
Yes, even in cases of gingivitis, bleeding will occur during Airflow therapy.

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