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3 Shape D2000 Dental lab Scanner Optimized processing speed: creates faster performance and better scanning workflows for several indications Shortens waiting time between creating orders and starting the scan, and enables technicians to begin next scan without having to wait for post processing.

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

3Shape D2000 Dental Lab 3D Scanner

– Impression scanning:
Multi line scanning in the D2000 and D1000 improves coverage and performance for accurate scanning of impressions to enable restorative design without the need to pour gypsum models.
All in One scanning of triple tray impressions Special mount enables triple-tray scanning capture of upper, lower and bite in one scan.

– Improved workflows for single tray impressions:
Provides support for single tray impression scanning including bite alignment.

The software upgrades are available for all relevant 3Shape D2000 Dental Lab 3D Scanner lab scanner models. Current lab scanner owners will receive the upgrades as a LABcare software update, where applicable.

Impression scanning the future is now:
The D2000 and the smaller D1000 lab scanner feature multi-line technology. Multi-line technology utilizes multiple scan lines in a single shot to significantly improve cavity and impression capture.

This enables the D2000 to accurately scan analog impressions sent to the lab by a dentist. This in turn, eliminates the need for labs having to pour or create a gypsum model from the impression. This saves several steps in the workflow and allows labs to print instead, cost effective 3D models derived from the analog impression if they need a physical working model.

While all 3shape scanners support impression scanning only the D2000 and D1000 feature multi line technology.

“Impression scanning is today’s reality and the future. No waiting for models to set, no plaster inaccuracies and we reduce costs. Every lab should invest in this technology,” Carlo Backes, Excent Tandtechniek BV, Holland.

About the D2000 dental lab scanner:
Introduced at the 2015 Midwinter show, the D2000 was named a top 10 coolest product at the event. The D2000 captivated the industry by having room for two models in its interior, enabling technicians to scan two models at once and perform a complete case like a three-unit bridge in just one scan.

D2000 All in-one scanning for max volume throughputs
– 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multi-line
– Accuracy: 5 µm (ISO 12836) / 8 µm (Implant bar)
– Die scan time: 15 sec
– Full arch scan time: 20 sec
– Color texture scanning
– No need for separate die scan
– All in One scanning: room for 2 models
– Impression scanning

– Remainder of a 5 year factory warranty
– 3 Shape Dental Designer w/Additional Seat
– 3 Shape Model Builder
– 3 Shape Occlusion Set Up Tool
– ScanIt Impression Module
– Impression Fixture
– Anatomical CAD Library
– Calibration Kit
– HP Envy Phoenix Desktop PC

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