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2017 Sciton Joule 7 with Halo, BBL and Cryo 6

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2017 Sciton Joule 7 with Halo, BBL and Cryo 6 Sciton Joule 7 with Halo, BBL and Cryo 6 provides the widest array of aesthetic and surgical procedures available from a single, scalable system, because it is the worlds first OptiPlex platform to accommodate three distinct delivery modes: arm, fiber, and broadband light.

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

2017 Sciton Joule 7 with Halo, BBL and Cryo 6. Pulse Counts: Erbium 2940 = 353,947 Pulses, Halo 1470: Used in conjunction with Erbium 2940 Machine does not keep counts of 1470, BBL = 173,946 Pulses; Includes: Articulating Arm, Scanner Cable, BBL Filters 420, 515, 560, 590, 640, & 690, BBL Adapters, Operator Eyewear, Operators Manual, Footswitch, Key, & Interlock; Also Includes: Smoke Evacuator, Zimmer Cryo 6 Chiller and 180 Day Warranty.

Year: 2017
Wavelength: (wavelengths may vary – see description)
SKU: 050620A
Price: $15,300.00


  • Sciton Joule 7 laser
  • has BBL and Skintyte, Halo Pro, Contour TRL, and the Nd Yag laser for Pro Lipo/Allura and Clear Silk.
  • Accessories: Clear silk hand piece, Allura Temp Assure adapter, Contour TRL, Halo with 150 consumable , Single spot 2940 adaptor, Skintyte, BBL
  • Shot/Pulse Count: 8000
  • Hour Count:
  • Handpieces: 1 BBL, 1 contour TRL, 1 clear silk, 1 Halo
  • General Condition:
  • Power: 220v
  • Ownership: Leased
  • Last Serviced: 2019
  • Operator Manuals: Yes
  • Currently Under Factory Warranty : Yes
  • Original Boxes/Crate: No
  • Ships from CA

Indicated Uses:
(actual system indications/configuration may vary depending on options)
Ablative Skin Resurfacing
Non-Ablative wrinkle reduction
Hair Removal
Pigmented Lesions
PhotoFacial (skin rejuvenation)
Vascular Lesions (including Leg Veins)

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